Welcome our new Business Development Manager – Gratia Gu.

Here is her biography:

I am Gratia, a sales expert from Shanghai, China, currently residing in New Zealand. With years of sales experience, I have worked in international five-star hotels, DFS, and real estate agencies company, providing customers with the highest quality sales services. Now, I am honored to join the Uno Property Management team to continue providing the most professional service to customers.

In my opinion, successful sales are not just about completing a transaction, but about establishing a long-term and stable cooperative relationship. Therefore, I attach great importance to communication and trust with customers, deeply understanding their needs, providing them with the most caring management solutions, and helping them make the wisest decisions. During the sales process, I always adhere to a professional, sincere, and patient attitude to provide customers with the best service.

In addition, I am also a person who loves fitness and hiking. These activities not only keep me physically healthy but also improve my perseverance and execution, enabling me to better cope with the challenges of work.

As a sales expert, I believe in my abilities but also know that there is still much to learn and improve. I like to continuously improve my sales skills and professional level through continuous learning and practice to provide better service to customers.

If you are looking for a professional, confident, and energetic sales expert, then I am your best choice! Let us work together to escort your rental management and investment journey!

Please stay with our Uno Property Management team. If you have any rental appraisal or other needs, please feel free to contact me at any time.