We recently had a review of the 3rd quarter performance and the Uno team has smashed all target and we had the best quarter in Uno’s history. 

The main achievements are:

  • Record quarter for new business signed up including a block of 15 brand new townhouses on the Northshore;
  • Over 70% of new business comes from referrals and word of mouth;
  • Improved services level: best performance in terms of client retention rate;
  • Reviewed and refined our maintenance process to reduce complaints and improve communication;
  • Record number of video inspections completed and sent to owners;
  • Secured a new team member Carol to join us as a letting agent.

To celebrate, we have decided to take the team to a Quad Bike Safari and Skeet Shooting. Here are some highlights:

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We started at the training tracks. 

Going downhill was pretty scary!

Then we started the excursion, amazing views and we even saw deers!!!

It started raining half way through and we were soaked by the end of it!

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It was pretty scary for some…and Eva was terrified but she finished the course! Yay!

We had a little skeet shooting competition and David, Carol and Renee were all amazing at shooting, so watch out!!

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It is important to celebrate team success, finish a milestone, take stock and move onto the next milestone.

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Rest assured, we will continue working on our service level, to maximise your return and reduce risks for property investors. It is our job and we are pretty good at it! 

Go Team Uno!

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