Traditionally, real estate sales in the property market have been done very well but the rental market lacks in this aspect.

How a property management company rent out a property in the shortest amount of time but still find a high-quality tenant for the landlord is very important.

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The 15 new Uno listings of Cedar Ridge, in the high-quality residential area of Beach Haven is a perfect example. The Uno team averaged about 2.1 days to rent out a unit.

How did we find the best tenants for these properties in the shortest time with the highest rent value?

How did we do it?

Here is our story.

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Renting a property efficiently and quickly, cannot be separated from the following:

  • Professional photos   11111
  • Drone aerial photography  Image 3
  • Virtual Staging  Virtual Staging
  • Video promotion   File from iOS (28)
  • For Rent Sign   20190927_141743
  • Constantly adjusting and optimizing the viewing times, while providing the option of Saturday and private viewing times
  • Dedicated Letting Agent   Carol - CloseUp
  • Featured Listings on TradeMe used  微信图片_20191112103827
  • Multi-platform promotion including but not limited to; and WeChat
  • Informing the property manager and the landlord about the feedback and comments from prospective tenants, and adjusting the rent pricing accordingly


There are many tricks to successfully rent a property. The most important thing is to find a professional person, with the heart, and the will to fight 🙂

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