I had the pleasure of attending the 2019 ARPM conference in Sydney Australia on the 4th and 5th of August 2019. ARPM simply stands for Australasian Residential Property Management Conference Australia Property Management. ARPM has become known as the elite event for any Property Management business that are serious about growth, efficiency, service, and quality culture.

evolve or die

Instead of listing down the list of speakers and what they talked about, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the key messages/lessons that I have taken away from the conference:

  • With the rapid change in technology, most of what we do repetitively as humans will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence and technology;
    However, there are things that technology and AI can not do but we can: 1. Create and 2. Build relationships with others;
  • Given the above, on a business level as well as on an individual level, developing the ability to create something original, especially in the way that we make others feel, has never been this important;
  • How does the business feel to its customers, its market place is more important than ever. Feeling is the new benchmark. What kind of experience the customers have from the business, what kind/quality of human/customer experience you have determines the future of the business;
  • As a business, it is no longer sufficient just to be efficient, which is what a lot of the technology and innovation had been focusing on. The game has changed and now is the time where, whoever that can make people feel good wins the race. I.e. Focus on customer facing innovation to enhance customer experience; focus on how we make people feel through innovation and technology;
  • Behind all that automation, all that technology, we still crave the human touch, the human interaction. Technology can not build relationships and technology can not make people feel great, lifted, empowered and looked after; and lastly
  • There is this concept of elevating property management to account management (see picture below) which requires the operator to have basic understanding across different fields that affect our clients: tax, finance, sales, people management, conflict management, market knowledge, negotiation and the list goes on.


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