In this blog, we are going to focus on the area that causes the most confusion around how a landlord can give notice to a tenant before the end date of a fixed term.

Instead of actually coming to an end, a fixed term will automatically transition to a periodic tenancy unless certain rules apply to it, to prevent it from becoming periodic. So, what are those rules?

In short, Section 60A says a fixed term will not become a periodic unless
  • the parties agree to renew or extend
  • both parties agree it will end 
  • The tenant provides written notice that they wanted to end 
  • or crucially if the landlord provides the valid reason to end the fixed term tenancy with notice given by any of the reasons stated in section 51

This remedy is really important to understand, it means that you can use a notice to bring a fixed term to an end with 10 different reasons authorized by section 51.

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