From 1st July 2021, properties with new tenancies will be required to be compliant with the “Healthy Home Standards” within 90 days.

Although the government’s regulations on landlords and their properties are becoming more stringent, and the associated risks of owning investment properties are increasing; there is virtually still no barrier to entry for the property management industry.

Anyone can open a property management company tomorrow. There is no certificate, license or any other requirements to open and operate a property management company. 

Is there any surprise then there are all of a sudden so many property management companies being established in the last year or so, some of them do not even have a separate bank account for landlord clients’ rents or have any understanding or education of the new regulation and HHS standards. 

In these changing times, It is really important to choose a credible company to manage your most valuable assets.

In February 2021, Uno Property Management passed a random compliance inspection conducted by the government’s Tenancy Services Compliance & Investigations. It took three months to carry out random checks on the properties managed by UNO Property Management, including checking the insulation statement in the lease, insurance statement, Health Home statement, document records, property maintenance, smoke alarm, and interviewing the three tenants who were living in the properties. No problems were found!

Don’t just hire the first property manager that comes along and offers you the cheapest fees.

With the labour government cracking down on property investors, and its increasing efforts to keep landlords accountable, you would want someone who knows what they are doing on your team when there is an audit!!!

Choose Uno Property Management. 

Uno Property Management was created in 2009 and has been in the property management industry for many years under a franchise brand. Uno property management specialists were established at the end of 2015 in order to pursue more development opportunities by leaving the brand. The company’s size and staff remain unchanged. Eden Business Park Normanby Road, Mt Eden, Auckland is where the company is located.

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