There is an oversupply of rental properties right now and it is getting harder and harder to rent out a property quickly now. Some tenants had to leave New Zealand because of the epidemic, some tenants chose to buy their first homes because of the low mortgage rate. Regardless of the reasons, competition for tenants is particularly fierce in the current rental market.

Uno Management still stays very strong under the circumstances. In the past 3 weeks, we have successfully rented 33 houses.

These successfully rented houses are located in various areas of Auckland, and are all different. So, what is the Uno magic?  

First of all, optimize marketing

Online marketing is the key to attracting quality tenants. Uno Property takes multiple photos with different angles and those detailed photos clearly show the condition of inside and outside the house as well as the surrounding environment; In the advertisement, each house is described to great details that enable prospective tenants learn about the condition, location and surrounding facilities of the house as much as possible before even viewing it.

Next, arrange inspections quickly.

When the advertisement goes live, Uno Property will organize at least one viewing within the first three days. The professional Letting Agent will guide the prospective tenants to go through the house and answer their questions on site.

Third, speed up the tenant approval process.

Once receiving the application from potential tenants, Uno Property Team will immediately screen tenants, conduct reference checks and credit checks. The results will be reported right back to the landlord with professional suggestions from our experienced property managers.

If you have a house to rent, contact us now, our professional property management team will help you to rent out your house easily and quickly!