Are you frustrated with your current property management? It’s time to switch to Uno Property Management. We combine innovative technology with exceptional service to deliver the best outcomes for landlords and tenants. Here are 10 compelling reasons to choose us:

1. Teamwork and Experience

Our team operates like a well-oiled sports team, working 24/7 to ensure your property is managed seamlessly. With years of experience, we handle all aspects of property management efficiently.

2. Commitment from Day 1

From the moment you sign up, we commit to excellence. We offer Saturday viewings, an emergency phone line, and a robust feedback system to ensure your needs are always met.

3. Fierce Focus on Market Engagement

We have a proven track record of renting out Built to Rent projects of 8-10 properties within a week to 10 days. Our fierce focus and market engagement ensure your properties are rented quickly.

4. Daily KPI Tracking

We track daily KPIs on performance that impact our clients and tenants. This constant monitoring ensures we maintain high standards and deliver consistent results.

5. High Rent Payment Compliance

98.5% of our tenants pay their rent on time. This high compliance rate ensures steady cash flow and reduces the stress of chasing late payments.

6. Low Vacancy Rates

We have a vacancy rate of less than 0.5%, ensuring your property is rarely empty and maximizing your rental income.

7. Short Days on Market

Our average days on the market is just 12 days. This quick turnaround time means your property won’t sit vacant for long.

8. New Build Property Management Specialists

At Uno Property Management, we specialize in new build property management, having rented and managed over 200 units across 25 projects in Auckland within 18 months. This extensive experience has exposed us to the good, the bad, and the challenging aspects of the new build market.

  • Proven Expertise:

Our track record speaks for itself. We excel in managing new builds, ensuring quick occupancy and high satisfaction rates.

  • High-Quality Tenant Selection:

We rigorously screen tenants to ensure reliability and responsibility, protecting your investment and maximizing rental income.

  • Efficient Turnaround:

Our focused approach means we often rent out new build projects within a week to ten days, ensuring your properties generate income quickly.

9. Enhanced Customer Service

Our dedication to providing exceptional service means we’re always available and responsive. Whether it’s routine tasks or emergencies, we’ve got you covered.

10. Transparent Communication

With our 24/7 owner portal and responsive team, you’ll always be informed about what’s happening with your property. Clear, transparent communication is at the heart of our service.


Switching to Uno Property Management means partnering with a team committed to maximizing your investment returns and providing peace of mind. With our innovative technology and dedicated service, you can trust us to manage your properties effectively.

Ready to transform your property management experience? 

Contact Uno Property Management today to discuss your investment strategy: Gratia Gu on 021661816 or email