On the evening of 3rd May, the ‘Dialogue with the Construction Minister’ event, hosted by the New Zealand Chinese Building Industry Association (NZCBIA), was successfully held.

This event specially invited New Zealand’s Minister of Construction, Hon Chris Penk, MP Nancy Lu, and several leaders in the construction industry to discuss how to address the shortage of building materials, reduce construction costs, and new government policies like Build to Rent among other hot industry topics. The event attracted over 200 guests and received enthusiastic feedback.

Uno Property Management was invited to participate in the event, where Executive Director Monica Chen comprehensively interpreted how property development should adapt to market demands following the liberalization of Build to Rent foreign investments.

During the event, Monica Chen openly shared her experience of over a decade in residential property investment with the investors and potential investors present. She covered an analysis of the Auckland rental market, tenant preferences, and listed some specific successful ‘Build to Rent’ cases, sharing her insights with the audience.

Finally, Monica emphasized several key aspects to consider when investing in ‘Build to Rent’ residential properties:

  • Manage public areas well—project reputation, appearance, and feel, and build a resident community.
  • Consider the target market during design—what do good tenants need?
  • Comply with healthy housing standards.
  • Value for money is crucial—if your property offers the best overall value for money, tenants will choose to rent it.
  • Some areas in West and South Auckland face challenges with tenant quality.
  • The more units in the same block, the longer the rental period.
  • Tenant quality is crucial for ‘Build to Rent’ projects.
  • The primary factors are location + value for money—don’t be greedy.

Uno Property Management looks forward to exploring the infinite possibilities of the New Zealand real estate market with you!

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