tenant paperworkOther than the tenancy agreement, the ingoing and outgoing condition reports are two of the most vital documents to be held during the management of your property.

We pay great attention to detail in our condition reports to protect your property and your interests.

Our reports not only detail the cleanliness and state of repair of the property, but also appliance brand names and model details, the number and colour of window coverings and light fittings. We also take numerous photographs to illustrate the condition of the property.

The ingoing condition report details the state in which the property is handed over to the tenant and we use this report as a direct comparison to the outgoing report at the end of the tenancy when we determine the refund or otherwise of the tenants’ bond.

Should a bond dispute arise at the end of the tenancy our detailed condition report and photographs are vital – particularly should the matter be elevated to a tribunal hearing.

In such instances the tribunal member will rely solely upon the information contained in our condition report which prevents the misrepresentation of facts and minimises disputes.

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