It has been a long time coming but it’s finally here: The Uno Property Investor Support Blog, which we nicknamed “WIRGO” short for “What is really going on” in the property world.

Our Vision with this Blog is to provide real and real time information; keep our Auckland property investors informed of “what is really going on” in this fast changing world of property investing touching areas of law change, rental and sales market update and anything else that might affect your decisions and investment return. We also want to share Useful tips and strategies to grow your wealth through property.

We are here to share stories, discuss ideas and possibilities, and if we can contribute in the smallest way to your future success as a property investor, we would have achieved our goal.

We will also share real stories of our team at Uno, our failures and triumphs, our challenges in the battlefield of fast changing landscape of legislation, technology and the ever increasing expectations from clients and tenants. From time to time we will also share with you the real stories of our clients and tenants’ success (with permission of course)

The Uno Property Investor Support blog runs fortnightly and we try to keep it light and fun. 

Here are a few examples of topic we will share in this blog series:

      • Begin with the end in mind – Why investing in Auckland property market
      • How to successfully sell properties with current tenancy in place
      • What to avoid when picking your next investment property bank-board-game-cash-1329644
      • What to watch out
      • Have you got the right holding structure for your properties?
      • Property manager’ pick of story of the month
      • Property maintenance schedule
      • Real stories of successful investing 
      • Real dangers/bad cases of rental property gone bad
      • Benefits of Fixed term tenancy
      • Recent tenancy legislation that affects property investors
      • Lending policies update
      • Basic awareness of tax obligation for investors
      • Useful Checklist for first time property investors!
      • How to get your property ready for tenancy
      • Life expectancy of “things” in your rental property
      • Tax time is fun time
      • Insurance Guide for rental properties
      • The Real Lessons on Tenant selection

And much much more….

abandoned-antique-architecture-263532Let us know your thoughts: We also want to receive your feedback in regards to what you think of our Blog, so we activated the “leave a comment” feature on every single blog post within WIRGO to encourage interaction and also help us to provide more relevant information and improve our writing one blog at a time. 

Thank you for your time and once again, I look forward to connecting with you in 2 weeks time.

Ciao for now.

To Your Success,


Monica Chen
Managing Director and Blogger
Uno Property Management Specialists