For investment developers, high-interest rates, a hyper-inflationary economic environment and many other factors have made the property market unpredictable. However, Build to Rent has become the new investment direction for many investment developers. These homes are built to rent, attract quality tenants, and can be rented out quickly as soon as they come on the market, saving the government a large amount of tax and putting them on the fast track to building equity.

For many tenants, the comfort of living at home has become a priority as they now spend more time working from home than ever before. If you’re still living in an old, dingy rental property that’s suffering every day, or if you’re still waiting for repairs to be done because things keep breaking down, consider switching to a different rental property. Live in a more convenient location at a relatively affordable rent and enjoy a more modern lifestyle.

Uno PROPERTY’s newest listing is a Build to Rent project – a beautifully presented 4 bedroom, 4 bath new home in the heart of Avondale, perfect for those looking for shared living.

Key Features:

  • 4 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom
  • Convenient 1+1+2 layout: One bedroom and bathroom on the main level, one on the second level, and two more on the third level
  • Ideal for roommates or families who value privacy and convenience
  • Ample space for everyone to enjoy their personal space
  • Modern and well-maintained interior
  • Located in the vibrant Avondale neighbourhood
  • Close to amenities, parks, and public transportation

Make the most of this unique opportunity to secure a home that provides both comfort and privacy. Each level having its own bedroom and bathroom ensures everyone’s convenience and relaxation.

Don’t miss out on this gem! Contact us today to schedule a viewing and secure your spot in this amazing Avondale home.

Move in cost:

2 weeks rent in advance: $1700

4 weeks as a bond: $3400

Please contact us

Phone: 021 888 993