Selecting a good property management company can be a headache for many landlords, as the quality of management depends on the commitment and experience of the team. Uno Property Management is a team that embodies these essential factors.

Gratia Gu, our Market Development Manager, brings years of sales experience from international five-star hotels, DFS, and real estate agencies, ensuring the provision of top-notch sales services to clients.

Gratia Gu
Monica Chen and Gratia Gu

Our property management team consists of three experts with over a decade of property management experience, and all property managers have extensive local experience. Last year, our focus was on rent reviews, and Uno’s average rent has reached $700 per week.

Our Business Support Team comprises two dedicated and problem-solving talents, always ready to assist the team in overcoming challenges. 

Grace Gao and Ashling Lin

Beyond being a glamorous company, we have a corporate culture that values hard work and team cohesion. In addition to an efficient work attitude, we also prioritize the quality of life for our employees, with regular culinary delights, beverages, team-building activities, and outdoor sports, reflecting the Uno family spirit in every detail.

Every team member excels in their respective fields, choosing to join us because we are a professional property management company continually expanding and growing.

If you want to entrust your property to an excellent management company confidently, we are your top choice!

In 2024, we are confident about the future. Uno is entering a record-breaking year, and we look forward to continued success, creating miracles together with you. Uno will persist in contributing its modest efforts to the management of New Zealand’s homes, supporting a better tomorrow.