It is very important to check and record the condition of a property thoroughly before a tenant moves in. There are a variety of reasons for this:

  1. To ensure the entire property is in clean and tidy condition for tenants to move in. 
  2. To ensure that everything is working properly inside the property.
  3. To record the condition of the property including wear and tear and the current state of the property so that there is a clear record of starting point for the tenancy. This entry inspection alone can reduce more than 80% of disputes arising. 

Let’s take a look at how an Uno Property Manager does an entry inspection and what are the essential items to look out for at an inspection. 

We have a few examples. 

  • Garage

Check the following items:

  1. Check the garage door is working
  2. Check if the ceiling, wall and floor have any damage or stain
  3. Check the latches for safety issues
  4. Check the door is working properly
  5. Make sure all the lights are working

  • Bedroom

Check the following items:

  1. Check the lights, and make sure when the tenant moves out, the lights keep the same condition.
  2. For the bedroom, all the windows must have curtains or blinds
  3. Check if any scuff or marks on the wall.
  4. Any stain on the floor or carpet
  5. Check if the doors are working properly

  • Bathroom

Check the following items:

  1. Check the toilet flush
  2. Check the lights are working
  3. Check the towel rails 
  4. Check if any damage to cabinet
  5. Check the hot and cold water
  6. Check the shower and shower screen are working
  7. Check the extractor Fan or ventilation

  • Dining

Check the following items:

  1. Check the lights are working
  2. Check if any water stains or marks on the wall and floor

These are just some examples of how a professional property manager should conduct a thorough property inspection. 

Is your property manager doing the same for you? If not, let us know.