Moving to Level 3 – what has changed.

At 11:59pm on Monday April 27 we move from Level 4 to Level 3. So what does this mean for you and your property?

Our office is still closed

We’ve found new ways of working and although our doors remain closed, we are very much available to our customers. Reach us on mobile and email.

No Routine Inspections or maintenance at Level 3

Although we are not able to complete routine inspections at Level 3, we remain in close contact with our tenants. If anything needs attention at a property we are able to work with them to arrange repairs and ensure the home and its occupants are safe.

Insurance companies have communicated leniency during this time as we are unable to meet the inspection frequency outlined in many policies. At this stage it is unclear whether we will skip an inspection or whether Property Managers will have to ‘make up’ an inspection by completing two in close succession. Once we have clarity on this, we will update our communications.

Tenants have been very understanding and we appreciate their kindness during this time.

We are able to attend to emergency maintenance at Level 3 and have prequalified tradespeople available for anything required. These tradespeople have all met Covid-19 level 3 Health & Safety requirements to manage the risk.

We can rent properties and move tenants at Level 3

Under Level 3 we are able to resume marketing of properties available to rent. We do so with very careful measures in place, following all Worksafe, Ministry and REINZ guidelines to minimise the risk to any of our team, tenants and owners.

  • A maximum of two private viewings (per property) allowed per day, at least 30 minutes apart.
  • Only one Property Manager will be able to attend the private viewing 
  • The owner/tenants must not be present while viewing is underway
  • Tenants already living in the property, must give written permission for viewings to go ahead.
  • Prospective tenants must wait in their car until Property Manager advises they can enter
  • Viewing must be contactless, prospective tenants cannot touch any surface in the property. If something needs to be opened, the Property Manager will do this.
  • Photographers/videographers can enter a property but only to undertake work that can’t be done remotely.

The main thing to do right now is to look after you and your family’s health and wellbeing. If you have any queries on our processes or would just like to catch up please feel free to get in touch with your property manager – we are here to help.