Well done New Zealand we have officially moved to Level 3!!!!

At 11:59pm on Monday April 27 we moved from Level 4 to Level 3. So what does this mean for you and your property/tenancy? We put together a quick Q n A to answer the most pressing questions that people have.

1.Is your office open now in level 3? 

Uno office remains CLOSED during level 3 but our business is pretty much OPEN and business as usual. We managed to rent out 19 properties during level 4 lockdown. I think it is safe so say that during level 3 we will be even more BUSINESS AS USUAL. We are predominantly still working from home with some appointments to show properties and doing entry and final inspections. Contact us on email, phone, wechat !

2.Can people move at level 3?


  • Tenants can move house during Alert Level 3
  • Physical distancing to be maintained
  • Ingoing and vacating inspections can be conducted by the property manager, only when:

          1. The property is vacant

          2. The inspection must be conducted alone by the property managers and not involve contact with any other customers or staff

          3. The previous  occupants have not been overseas recently, were self-isolating at the home or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14  days

           4. Key drop-offs and pick-ups must not involve contact with other customers or staff.

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3.I have a property with tenants leaving, can you rent properties during level 3?

Yes. Under Level 3 we are able to resume marketing and showing of properties available to rent. We set up safety measures in place, following REINZ guidelines to minimise the risk to any of our team, tenants and owners: (In certain areas, we are even more strict than the guidelines): 

  • A maximum of two private viewings (per property) allowed per day, at least 30 minutes apart.
  • Only one Uno letting agent will be able to attend the private viewing 
  • The owner/tenants must not be present while viewing is underway
  • We are not doing viewings for properties currently occupied during level 3 until further notice
  • Prospective tenants must wait in their car until our Uno letting agent advises them that they can enter
  • Viewing must be contactless, prospective tenants cannot touch any surface in the property. 
  • Photographers/videographers can enter a property that is not occupied.

4.Can you conduct Routine Inspections and handle maintenance at level 3? 

  • We are not allowed to conduct routine inspections during level 3 but we are in regular contact with your tenants. 
  • We can attend to urgent maintenance on your properties at level 3, we are able to work with the tenants to arrange urgent repairs and ensure the home and its occupants are safe. We have a list of non-urgent works we will arrange once we move to Level 2.



5.I have a property for you, Can you sign and take on new properties to manage?

Of course we can!!!!!

  • Appraisals must be carried out remotely where possible and discussions regarding the marketing and listing process should occur via telephone / virtual methods only;
  • All signing of new tenancy & management agreements should use online and virtual methods, or be completed by courier.
  • Remote appraisals can be followed up with a physical appraisal at Alert Level 2
  • If the rental appraisal cannot be carried out remotely, property managers may briefly visit homes to conduct appraisals

          1. Only one property manager to attend the property

          2. Ensure physical distancing is maintained at all times (2 metres)

          3. Do not touch any surfaces – the visit must be contactl

          4. Do not attend property if occupants have been overseas recently, are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19

          5. Wash your hands with hand sanitiser or soap before and after any customer contact

We also want to reassure you that our property managers are still diligently maintaining contact and acting as a means of support to our current tenants. Dont worry, just focus on your family, work and health!

If you have any queries on our processes or would just like to catch up please feel free to get in touch with your property manager (or me) – we are here to help.