In the bustling property market of Auckland, understanding tenant preferences can significantly impact rental business success. Below, we dive into specific likes and dislikes tenants might have about rental properties, offering insight that goes beyond the usual generalities.

Tenant Likes:

1. Quality Heating and Ventilation:

Tenants in Auckland highly value rental properties that offer efficient heating and good ventilation. This not only contributes to their comfort but also to their health. Properties that meet the Healthy Homes Standards for heating and ventilation are particularly appreciated, ensuring the space is warm during wet, cold winters and cool during the humid summers​​.

2. Well-maintained Properties:

A well-maintained property is a huge plus for tenants. This includes regular updates on maintenance and timely responses to repair requests. Properties that are kept in good condition typically have fewer issues related to dampness, mould, or structural repairs, making them more desirable​​​​.

3. Clear Communication from Property Managers:

Tenants appreciate when property managers communicate clearly and promptly. Regular updates regarding maintenance, changes in management or property rules, and quick responses to queries make a significant difference. This includes structured communication protocols where property managers update tenants about inspections and maintenance schedules as outlined in property management protocols​​.

4. Modern Amenities:

A place with the latest fittings and technology? Yes, please! Tenants are drawn to properties with modern amenities—think updated kitchens, smart home features, and energy-efficient appliances. These can make life easier and more enjoyable.

Tenant Dislikes:

1. Poor Handling of Maintenance Issues:

One of the biggest gripes tenants have is the slow or unresponsive handling of maintenance issues. When issues such as leaky faucets, broken heating systems, or security concerns are not addressed promptly, it leads to dissatisfaction and could be a reason for tenants to look elsewhere​​.

2. Inadequate Security Features:

Security is a major concern for tenants. Properties that lack adequate security measures, such as secure windows, gates, and functioning alarms, can be a significant deterrent. Tenants need to feel safe in their homes, and properties that offer modern security features are more likely to attract and keep long-term renters​​.

3. No Pets Allowed:

For pet owners, finding a no-pets-allowed property is a real bummer. Pets are part of the family, and a rental that welcomes furry friends is always more appealing. Properties that aren’t pet-friendly may lose out on a large group of potential tenants.

4. Insufficient Parking:

In a city like Auckland, parking can be gold. Tenants might not be thrilled with properties that don’t offer convenient parking solutions. Having to park blocks away or deal with limited street parking can be a real turn-off.


Understanding these specific likes and dislikes can help property managers and owners tailor their services and properties to better meet the needs and expectations of Auckland tenants. Not only does this foster a positive landlord-tenant relationship, but it also enhances tenant retention and the overall appeal of the property in a competitive market.