Presentation, Promotion and Price. These are the only 3 factors to marketing your property and attracting good tenants to ensure that you maximize your rental return every time your property becomes available.


How the property is presented has a huge impact on how fast we can secure a quality tenant for your property and it is not just the interior that is important. First impression starts before a potential tenant steps in your front door. Simple things like mowing the lawns, tidying up the garden and driveway pruning shrubs and touching up chipped or faded paint can have a huge impact on the presentation of your property. This leads to greater appeal and more interest by potential tenants.

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Your property must be promoted in a way that potential tenants are able to see it. At Uno Property Management we promote widely:

  • We use featured listing on Trademe to maximise page views on your property;
  • We advertise also on and our own website;
  • We encourage using professional photography to attract more tenant interest; 
  • We run open homes by dedicated letting specialist on Saturdays as well as during the week;
  • We will be using social media to promote your property; and 
  • Getting ahead of the game – before your property even becomes vacant we start looking to promote your property to the next potential tenant.

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It’s important to make sure your property is priced in a way that aligns with what’s going on in the current market. Based on what other similar properties in similar locations are competing with your property and, just as importantly, our knowledge and feedback from open homes, we are able to set a price that is competitive with comparable offerings in the marketplace.

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