Choosing the vast landscape of property management companies can be a headache task for landlords. When it comes to property management, responsibility and experience are indispensable factors. The quality of property management hinges on a competent management team, the driving force behind the entire operation. We Uno Property Management are one such team.

Meet Gratia Gu, Business Development Manager, whose extensive sales background spans international 5-star hotels, DFS, and Real Estate company. Gratia’s seasoned expertise ensures top-notch service delivery to our valued customers.

The core of our strength lies in our Property Manager team. Boasting three property management specialists, each with over a decade of experience, and two management experts with at least two years of local property management work experience, our team is a force to be reckoned with.

Their dedicated focus on rent reviews this year has led to an average increase of $22 in UNO’s weekly rent rates, reaching an impressive $700 per week.

There’s also our new letting specialist who has recently joined the team and has achieved a breakthrough in the tenant finding process for our team! We help the owners to find good tenants within two weeks. 

The foundation of our operational excellence extends to our Business Support Team – two adept problem-solvers primed to tackle any challenge head-on. Their readiness to assist ensures our entire team operates seamlessly.

Each team member is a virtuoso in their domain, capitalizing on their unique talents. They’ve chosen UNO Property because we epitomize professionalism, ceaseless expansion, and continuous growth.

When you seek a property management company that instills confidence, look no further than UNO Property. Our prowess in managing properties is matched only by our commitment to your peace of mind. We are unequivocally the right choice for safeguarding your property investment. Rest assured, your property is in exceptional hands with us.