Buying a house as a long term investment involves the question of how the house is going to be cared for and maintained. We have a lot of owners who do temporary renovations only before selling a house, but some of the problems are negligence of maintenance, and irreversible damage and injury to the house, it’s quite easy to pick up for those experienced people. As a result, the property will not be able to pass the building inspection, and can not sell at a good price.

Here are some maintenance suggestions for the properties:

Traditional timber weatherboard Exterior Walls
🎨 Regular painting: paint every 5-8 years to ensure the protection and protect the wood framing from the rot issues and repair in timely manner.

Tin Roofing

🎨 Regular painting: paint every 5-8 years to prevent rust and damage to the tin roof.

🧹 Cleaning: clean the tin roof regularly to prevent moss and mould and keep the coating intact.

Cement Tile Roof
🔍 Regular inspection: go up on the roof regularly to inspect the tiles, replace cracked tiles in time and prevent water from entering the interior of the roof.

Plaster Exterior Walls
🔍 Regular inspection: regularly inspect cracks in exterior walls and repair them promptly.
🎨 Paint regularly: paint every 5-8 years to protect exterior walls.
📝 High-risk plaster homes: get a professional to do a full inspection every 3-4 years to make sure new breaks and problems are identified and fixed.

Please note that every property has different maintenance needs. If you are unsure of the condition of your property, we suggest you seek the help of a registered qualified professional to provide expert advice and recommendations. Property maintenance is an important part of ensuring the long-term value of your investment, and just like regular maintenance on your car, we hope you will take it seriously and take care of maintaining your asset.