For a long time, real estate investment has been regarded as one of the best ways to accumulate wealth in New Zealand. Not only because of its financial attributes but also because of its physical attributes, the value of real estate steadily grows with changes in supply and demand.

And this year, it is definitely a year full of opportunities for real estate investors.

This is reflected not only in the activity of the market but also in the expectations and aspirations of investors.

So, in an environment where mortgage rates are high, housing inventory is high, and government regulatory policies are constantly changing, how should investors and potential investors utilize the real estate market to gain more passive income for themselves and their families?

To find the answers, it is essential to consult with high-quality, leading, and experienced professional property management company.

On March 25th, Uno Property Management, a well-known professional property management company in New Zealand, successfully held a seminar, providing investors with an opportunity to gain insight into the future.

The seminar focused on the potential and prospects of the New Zealand housing market, providing participants with an opportunity to explore future possibilities together and revealing almost all the mysteries about real estate investment.

The seminar covered the following key topics:

  1. How to use investment properties to build and secure your and your family’s financial future?
  2. Why is real estate an important tool for achieving financial freedom and passive income?
  3. How to increase the potential return on investment by leveraging strategies, using property equity, or any cash resources you want to invest?

Participants from various industries were enthusiastic, exchanging their unique insights into real estate investment and sharing their experiences.

It was filled with stunning real estate investment cases and the latest market trend analysis, attracting participants to stop and watch, and engage in in-depth discussions.

Whether novice investors or experienced investors, everyone immersed themselves in this environment of “professional real estate investment,” collectively exploring the infinite possibilities of investing in the housing market.

Capital appreciation, leverage, tax benefits
Industry insiders delve into real estate investment!

Regarding the key discussion points of this seminar, the speakers Lisa Dudson and Monica Chen respectively shared their profound insights.

[Financial educator, advisor Lisa Dudson]

Lisa Dudson has a rich academic background and real estate investment experience. She graduated from the prestigious University of Auckland in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and holds diplomas in Business Management and Financial Planning.

With over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, she has founded several successful real estate projects and achieved significant accomplishments.

Currently, Lisa is a director and shareholder of Saturn Advice and National Capital, dedicated to providing investors with accurate market intelligence and financial advice.

Lisa believes that investing in real estate is a multifaceted choice, with advantages including capital appreciation, leverage, tax benefits, property types, and investment risks, among others.

She particularly emphasizes the importance of investing in new properties, noting that new properties have greater investment potential and relatively lower risks.

The another speaker and Managing Director of Uno Property Management, Monica Chen, is a professional real estate investor and entrepreneur.

Professional real estate investor and entrepreneur Monica Chen

With over 15 years of real estate investment experience, she successfully manages her investment portfolio, which includes multiple property projects.

As the Managing Director of Uno Property Management, Monica is committed to providing professional property management services to clients and has achieved outstanding success in helping investors optimize returns and minimize risks.

She has keen insights into market trends and investment opportunities. Moreover, her comprehensive perspective and extensive experience have earned her respect and trust in the real estate investment field.

In this seminar, Monica analyzed rental returns, market dynamics, and the pros and cons of investing in new properties, providing valuable advice and guidance to clients and investors.

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It is worth mentioning that this seminar not only provided valuable knowledge and insights but also brought some special gifts for participants.

These include the signed edition of the bestselling book “The New Zealand Property Guide” by Lisa Dudson, as well as the e-book “Why it’s a very good time to invest in NZ Residential Property.”

In addition to these two books worth reading for investors, the e-book “Navigating Auckland’s New Build Investments: Essential Property Management Insights” written by Monica Chen provides a more professional analysis of the current housing market situation, almost a “classic book” that every real estate investor must read, and it was also distributed for free to each participant.

Did you miss the opportunity to attend this seminar? Do you also want to read this “classic book” for free?

Don’t worry, Uno Property Management has specially opened the download channel for this book for you who are interested in the topic of real estate investment. Scan the QR code below, and you can also receive it for free!

(Friendly reminder: After scanning the code, you need to leave your contact information first, and then you will receive the book.)

Uno Property Management

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Through this seminar, Uno Property Management successfully provided investors with an opportunity to explore real estate investment with its rich experience and professional knowledge.

The successful holding of this seminar marks Uno Property Management’s commitment and contribution to investors, and also guides investors on their investment journey in 2024.

As a professional property management company that has been serving New Zealand homeowners and landlords for over a decade, Uno Property Management has an excellent property management record.

Finally, Uno Property Management said: “Based on our familiarity with the local leasing and property investment market in New Zealand, dedicated employees, accumulated half a century of property management experience, and outstanding performance, we believe that we can prove that we will bring the best returns to investors.”

“The popularity of this seminar far exceeded expectations. Every scheduled participant arrived on time, and the response to the event was very strong. We expect to continue to hold the next seminar to continue exploring the future of the housing market with everyone.”