2020 has just began! How do we have an amazing year? Its an oldie but a goodie-goal setting and planning your TIME. 


But this stuff works!

I usually do my planning from end of November till early January covering planning for business as well as some personal goals. Goal setting alone will not really get you anywhere unless you also develop a plan for execution and feedback throughout the year. The same practice applies to both business and personal goals.

What are your goals for 2020? I would love to hear from you and on any good tips on how you set and achieve your goals?

Let’s take weight loss/fitness goal as an example. 


why: write down why you want to set a goal in this area.

What: defines what achieving the goal means.  At the beginning of the year, I would set a goal around some key metrics such as weight, muscle mass percentage and measurements.


  • Daily Dietary intake routine: rules for each meal and cheat days, alcohol intake. 
  • Weekly Exercise routine: work out 3 times a week. You organise the set time with your trainer or gym at set times and put in your digital calendar that syncs with your phone. It will also be a good idea to set up rules around what to do when you miss one session. Personally I simply use a no less than 3 sessions a week as a rule. 

Now, you simply robotically stick to it and do it until the next review time. 

Review and adjust:

Every quarter you can measure the results and see if there is any improvement. Lets face it, there will be. But here is your chance to get to know if the plan is working as well as you like and if the plan suits your lifestyle and body.

Quarterly you can adjust your How and schedule, maybe try different supplements, intermittent fasting method, Keto diet after researching. Maybe its time for personal training or weight training.


In case of business planning, I use very similar method except it has many more layers to it as it involves other human beings i.e. my team, which means the execution piece will require regular meetings, feedback from the marketplace and our team to push to achieve the results. In a way it is also very similar to working out, working on different muscle group at a time. Quarterly we will set a focus for everyone to focus on, for example, reduce vacancy rates by certain %, and everyone will do their part to ensure the target is achieved.

Teamwork is working better as a team. Bear that in mind, meetings work as the heartbeat of an organisation to ensure everyone is on the same page and focus on the right things at any given time. Every quarter, we do a review and do a focus meeting for the next quarter given what we want this whole year to look like which is set up every January in an annual meeting.

For Uno in 2020 we will focus on the following:

  • Change to new software that will improve customer experience dramatically
  • Invest in heavy property management training with the team
  • Roll up and execute on Healthy Homes compliance-we aim to finish it by December 
  • Grow at 30% from 2019

What are your goals for 2020? I would love to hear from you.