The First Uno Triathlon was held on 12 August 2022.
Sometimes a decision doesn’t need to be made in a long and boring meeting, it could come out from a casual conversation. As professional property managers, we would like to keep our bodies healthy and spirits high. Here came the idea of having a team sports day. 

We have four teams. Every team has 3 people:

Team Beauty and beast

Team ADS

Team Island

Team girls will win

The actual competition schedules are:

  • Individual swimming 100m
  • Doubles badminton
  • Relay running

We have swimmers from China, New Zealand, Samoa, and Malaysia in the swimming competition. The New Zealand athlete Rose Elliot representing Team Girls Will Win won the first place in the last 10-meter!

In the badminton competition, everyone’s skills were much better than expected. Team Beauty and the Beast lived up to the expectations and won the game, no surprise there.

The final kicker was the relay running.

We ran two laps around the Auckland Museum in the relay race, showing our teamwork. One team member of the Team Beauty and the Beast – Monica bravely caught up with two competitors in front at the second lap.  In the end, Team Beauty and the Beast won first place in the relay race!

Finally, Team Beauty and the Beast with the highest accumulated points was declared champion of this UNO triathlon!