The key to good property investment is having a good tenant (besides having a good property manager!).

Here’s a list of TWELVE things you need to ensure your next property has.

1- Dishwasher

And not just a ‘dishwasher’… but one that works well!

There’s nothing like an old dishwasher that likes to break down on a regular basis costing you big call-out fees and being charged for expensive parts.

2- Cooling and Heating

Adequate heating is a legal requirement and has restrictions attached to it according to the Healthy Homes Standards. Warm days in summer do occur, so it’s always good to be able to switch on the air conditioner when needed. 

3- Walk-In and Built-In Robes and Storage

Whether it’s a Walk-In Robe, Built-In Robes and even extra storage rooms and areas are highly appreciated and, in fact, with a quality tenant…a must!

4- Ensuites

When dealing with a family, a second bathroom as an ensuite (or even a third bathroom) is highly sought after and appreciated by a quality tenant. Naturally, if you’re looking at an apartment for a single or a couple, a second bathroom is no big deal; but if you start moving into housing, a second bathroom is considered essential by any family of any actual size.

5- Lock-Up Garage

A single or double lock-up garage is highly desirable, and a lot of people choose not to park in them, but instead, they offer an additional storage space to secure their belongings.

6- Make sure the property is clean

It’s human nature to spot dirtiness that’s not yours, to begin with, and nothing is a bigger turn-off for a quality tenant looking at potential properties that are visually dirty.

We advise using a professional cleaner to get it ready and also get the carpets professionally steam-cleaned before prospective tenants are allowed to view the property. Presentation for a quality tenant is everything!

7- Good Quality

Nothing turns away a quality tenant faster and attracts a bad tenant quicker than a property clearly in need of money spent on it and looks neglected. 

Get it done if the walls need fresh paint and the floors need new carpets!

Quality properties attract quality tenants.

Ensuring the property is in a good state of repair is also a requirement of the Residential Tenancies Act.

You’re welcome to contact us for advice if you’re looking at a property and you’re unsure.

8- Easy Care Gardens 

Let’s face it. Tenants (in general) hate maintaining a garden, especially when it’s not theirs.

Maintaining the gardens as easily as possible with as little water is always a good thing!

Quality tenants can be busy people, and they don’t want to be kept busy in the garden.

Make it easy for them.

9- Flexible with Pets

Gone are the days of cats and dogs, and now ‘fur babies’ are part of many people’s lives.

Quality tenants, in general, are responsible pet owners and allowing pets just makes your property even more attractive.

Worried about pet damage? Speak with us about accessing Landlord Insurance that has pet damage cover.

10- Gas Cooking

As they say, ‘now you’re cooking with gas’! So many people prefer cooktops with gas for easy control of their cooking. 

This isn’t essential for attracting a quality tenant, but it certainly helps!

11- Adequate Parking

Depending on the property type and size and the tenant type you’re attracting, quality tenants need parking for 1-2 vehicles and preferably lockable/secured parking.

12- A Fixed-Term Lease

Every quality tenant wants security with their housing, and a fixed-term lease guarantees that!

It gives them a guarantee of tenure should you wish to sell the property or take residence yourself, but in return, it also guarantees your rent.

Make sure you have a quality Landlord Insurance policy as well…please speak with us on how to secure a quality policy accessible through our agency.